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TOB-PD: Thread Oblivious Birthmark based Software Plagiarism Detection tool

TOB-PD (Plagiarism Detection/Police Department) is the tool for software plagiarism based on the Thread Oblivious Birthmarks. It supports the analysis of binary execuTOBles, and can be used to detect plagiarism effectively for both single/multithreaded programs through implementing the TOB framewrok. It's based on dynamic birthmarks which capture the runtime behavior of programs. Two models SS (Slice Set) and SA (Slice Aggregation) have been implemented which can easily transform traditional dynamic birthmarks to thread-aware ones. Besides, two alternative trace splitting algorithm (k-gram and var-gram) are supported in the tool that users can choose to use either of them. Also, the birthmarks, similarity metrics and detection criteria are all configurable.

TOB Technique

Design Overview of TOB-PD

Major features of TOB-PD:

1)Thread Oblivious Birthmark.
It supprots analysis for both single/multithreaded programs, effectively handle the impact of thread scheduling to birthmark techniques.
2)Dynamic Birthmark.
The execution process of software is captured to generate the birthmark reflecting intrinsic properties of software;
The birthmarks, similarity calculation metrics and detection criteria are configurable. Also, the modularized design of TOB-PD makes it easy to add new birthmark methods or update currently implemented birthmark methods.

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