Benchmark for Software Plagiarism Detection V3.0

The benchmark consists of all the programs used in the experiments for comparing the performance between DYKIS and SCSSB in our journal paper and the ones used in the ICPC paper. It includes a set of independent software that are widely used in Linux system for assessing the credibility property of birthmarks, and a series of derivations generated by applying various kinds of semantic-preserving code transformation techniques for assessing the resilience property of birthmarks. The transformation techniques applied includes weak transformations by adopting different compilers and optimization levels, special obfuscation techniques implemented in SandMark, Allatori, DashO, Jshrink, ProGurad,RetroGround, and KlassMaster, obfuscations provided by shelling tools UPX, ASProtect, Fsg, PECompact, WinUpack, and Nspack. Besides, sets of successively released versions are also provided.

The benchmark can be downloaded here (compressed, 281M), and further details are described in the README file contained in the downloaded package.

Update Date: 2015/03/01

Last Release: 2014/07/10

First Release: 2014/01/20


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