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DYKIS-PD: Dynamic Birthmark-based Software Plagiarism Detection Tool

Dynamic Analysis Module Download

Users can use this module separately for just collecting execution traces. This module is in charge of the monitoring and collecting of exection traces during program runtime. It consits of five sub-modules each of which is implemented in the form of pintool(plugins of pin) using the Pin instrumentation framework.

Inforamtion of the Pintools are listed in the following table and the tools can be downloaded here.

No Name ValidFor Output
1 DKISExtractor_Lin.so LinuxKey Instruction Sequence
1 DKISExtractor_Win.dllWindows xpKey Instruction Sequence
2 StackTracer.soLinuxStack Operation Sequence
3 SysTrace_Lin.soLinuxSystem Call Sequence
4 SysTracer_Win.dllWindows xpSystem Call Sequence

DYKIS-PD Download

This section contains the complete DYKIS-PD integrating the dynamic analysis module, the birthmark generator, the similarity calculator&decision maker and user interface. It's implemented using the Eclipse RCP framework. The Linux and Windows version of DYKIS-PD can be downloaded here.

VMware Image Download

We provide a preconfigured environment for user to try the DYKIS-PD tool. It is distributed in VMware Image and requires a VMware(Version>=9.0.0) for display. The image can be downloaded here with extracting code e80e.

Vedio (1920*1080 prefered)