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DYKIS-PD: Dynamic Birthmark-based Software Plagiarism Detection Tool

DYKIS-PD (Plagiarism Detection/ Police Department) is a tool for software plagiarism detection based on dynamic birthmark techniques. It is implemented using C++ and Java, and currently can work under both Windows and Linux system. Three dynamic birthmarks have been implemented in DYKIS-PD to identify the software according to its instruction, stack operation and system call respectively.

Design Overview of DYKIS-PD

Note: We've decided to change the birthmark name DKISB to DYKIS, and the tool name DBPD to DYKIS-PD.


Major features of DYKIS-PD:

1)Dynamic Birthmark.
The execution process of software is captured to generate the birthmark reflecting intrinsic properties of software;
2)High Availability.
It is available for cross-platform and binary executable’s plagiarism detection;
The birthmarks, similarity calculation metrics and detection criteria are configurable.